Since inception, we have provided financial support to over 198 mining and mining services companies. Projects span across over 51 countries and encompass over 32 commodities. Our investment management teams are organized around diversified investment strategies aimed at providing funding throughout the development risk spectrum and capital structure.

Resource Capital Funds Private Equity Logo

  • Invests in development, pre-feasibility and onwards, and operating stage companies or assets
  • Investments from $10M to approximately $300M
  • Ability to introduce and manage third-party funding in any single transaction of up to $1B
  • Utilizes a range of instruments including equity, convertible debt, royalties, letters of credit and direct project interests


Ross Bhappu

Denver+1 720 946 1444

Resource Capital Funds Opportunity Fund Logo

  • Focuses on earlier stage risk in exploration, early project de-risking, scoping studies, and strategic opportunities
  • Investments from approximately $1M
  • Utilizes a range of investment structures providing funding across the capital spectrum

Russ Cranswick

Denver+1 720 946 1444

Resource Capital Funds Jolimont Innovation Logo

  • Invests in the commercialization and/or market expansion of innovative mining technology products
  • Investments from $1M
  • Utilizes a range of flexible funding alternatives


Lyle Bruce

Melbourne+61 3 8638 8950

Resource Capital Funds Credit Strategy Logo

  • Investments in a range of debt-oriented funding alternatives to both development and operating stage companies
  • Investments from approximately $50M
  • Utilizes a range of bespoke credit structures

David Halkyard

London+ 44 20 7408 2448