What we believe

Mining provides the raw materials that underpin global infrastructure and material innovation that enhance and maintain our lives.

Transformative growth

It’s a material world 

Global demand for mining products continues to increase and diversify driven by a growing global population, continued urbanization and material science innovation. Our homes, schools, universities, offices, hospitals, cars, bridges, roads, trains, aircraft, solar panels, wind turbines, computers, 3D printers, smart phones and the internet only exist because of metals extracted in operational mines.

Foresight and conviction

An inherently cyclical industry creates opportunities for investors to strategically position capital to earn through-cycle returns.

RCF is different

We have spent more than 20 years in acquiring and developing the right people, relationships and expertise to invest in mining. We devote the full scope of our technical and commercial talent, intellectual capital, and people-networks to remain at the forefront of alternative mining investment.

  • Experience: RCF is experienced, having pionereed the concept of mining-focused private equity
  • Extensive network: long-established relationships with both investors and mining specialists
  • Trusted partner: RCF has fostered relationships which have been maintained since Resource Capital Fund L.P. (“RCF I”), launched in 1998
  • Diverse strategies, industry focus: our investment strategies cater to different risk profiles and project stages including exploration, development and operations
  • Enhancing innovation: we believe in the benefits of emerging technologies and fund their commercialization
  • Global operations: our presence in both mining and financial centers provides first hand local market knowledge.

Lifecycle value-add

Advance, de-risk and innovate

RCF uses proprietary techniques to identify unique assets and apply fit-for-purpose due diligence to uncover technical and commercial opportunities to create and enhance value over time.

Experience and skill counts

Mining is highly specialized and requires technical skills to succeed. RCF has built a dedicated in-house team of experts in geology, metallurgy, engineering, construction, ESG, and technology commercialization, who work in close collaboration with portfolio company management teams to enhance value whilst mitigating risk. Our commercial and legal teams combine technical and deep capital markets experience to ensure portfolio companies’ have access to expansion and development capital.

Unique perspectives enhance value

Our macroeconomic and commodity strategy capabilities allow us to appreciate trends and anticipate disruption to better allocate capital to investment opportunities with optimal risk weighted return profiles.

What we look for

Quality mineral assets, innovative and emerging technologies, and motivated management teams committed to using sustainable business practices.

Motivated management teams

We look to partner with motivated management teams that have a track record of developing profitable, sustainable and successful mineral assets.

Quality mineral assets

Our in-house team of technical and investment experts scour the globe for technically and economically attractive mineral assets. We seek out commodities that are strategic and in attractive stages of the market cycle.

Sustainable practices

We partner with companies that are serious about sustainable mining practices. We believe everyone has to take responsibility with the environmental, social and governance impacts of mining.

Innovation and emerging technologies

We like to partner with companies that promote and harness innovation and emerging technologies to achieve efficiencies over their competition.

We offer co-investment opportunities

We appreciate the role capital plays in supporting the creation of new commodity supplies over time. We have strong relationships with our partners and other mining investors and maintain an active co-investment program.

Managed by dedicated in-house resources, our co-investment program facilitates additional investments into our portfolio companies to assist them in efficiently achieving their funding requirements.

We support sustainable mining investments

We are committed to integrating ESG considerations into our global investment practices and ownership activities. This is reflected in our Responsible Investment Policy and Strategy and our commitment to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). RCF understands the value of earning and maintaining a “social license to operate” and believes that it is a critical factor in successful project development.

Mining contributes to the generation of economic opportunities, and when conducted responsibly, can contribute to sustainable development outcomes. RCF actively works to invest in responsible mining companies which strive to develop and maintain meaningful, proactive and respectful partnerships with communities and stakeholders from exploration to production and eventually mine closure.