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RCF’s Commitment to Sustainability

2021 Interactive Sustainability Report

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Our second annual ESG Report describes our approach to managing key ESG themes across our business, within our portfolio companies, and shares updates on our future strategy. This report includes sustainability data for the year ending December 31, 2021.

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Reporting alignment

Performance Frameworks & Affiliations

RCF understands the importance of adopting standards in its approach to ESG disclosure and transparency, and the need to provide meaningful information to RCF’s Limited Partners and other stakeholders.

Engagement and collaboration with leading industry frameworks, associations and initiatives enables RCF to continue to lift its standards in line with its risk profile and stakeholder expectations.

Learn more about some of the key frameworks and organizations RCF is an affiliate of, or seeks to align with.

Commitment to transparency

Policies & Disclosures

Access our key ESG policies and reports.

Responsible Investment Policy

PRI Report

ESG Report

Responsible Investment Strategy

Climate Change Policy

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