RCF Opportunities

Capturing opportunities across the mining sector

Capturing opportunities across the mining sector


The RCF Opportunities strategy rests on the belief that meeting the planet’s surging demand for metals, driven by technological innovation, changing demographics, and global electrification and decarbonization objectives, relies on new discoveries and project advancement. To offset the natural risks of early-stage exploration, the RCF Opportunities Strategy pursues a diversified and relatively unconstrained approach that seeks to lower volatility, flatten the j-curve, and generate realizations during and after the investment period.

Relied on globally for mine finance

Investment Highlights

Broadest investable universe
  • Private and directly negotiated public transactions
  • Junior to mid-capitalization mining companies
  • Investing across the project development spectrum with broad commodity exposure
History of market-leading performance
  • Key drivers of returns are resource quality, commodity selection, and industry relationships
  • Nimble approach with real-time decision-making to strive to maximize exit realizations and planned-for liquidity
  • Solid track record of investing and harvesting resulting in outperformance of private and public benchmarks
Vast in-house expertise
  • Harnessing entire RCF institutional platform with a nimble, fit-for-purpose approach
  • Combining top-down commodities expertise with bottom-up technical capabilities
  • Multi-disciplinary, in-house platform of global mining investment specialists, including ESG, technical, commercial and legal

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