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Stephen Axcell

Consultant, Project Development

Brett Beatty

Partner, MD Australia, Investment Team Leader

John Beczak

Partner, Chief Financial Officer

Heather Bernier

Compliance Analyst

Heather Bernier RCF

Jasper Bertisen

Consultant, Commercial

Ross Bhappu

Partner, Senior Strategic Advisor

Robin Bienenstock

Consultant, Commercial

Catalina Bilbao

Investment Manager

Joe Bishop


Angie Blackwell

IT Analyst

Carol Bond

Fund Controller

Richard Brereton

Partner, Global Head of Investor Relations

Francesco Bressi


Katherine Broome

Deputy General Counsel – Americas

Lyle Bruce


Lyle Bruce RCF

Matthew Bryan

Director, Marketing

Paulina Cantin

Executive Assistant

Miranda Carlsson

Accounting Manager

Emily Cassidy

Company Secretary

Ryan Coffey

VP Trading & Market Research

Michele Connolly

Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Chris Corbett

Partner, Chief Investment Officer

Russ Cranswick

Partner, Head of Opportunities

Sherri Croasdale

Partner, Senior Advisory Partner & Head of New York

Sid Davey

Fund Controller

Victor Deans

Senior Fund Accountant

Kassandra Del Greco

Investment Manager

Missy Dettmann

Corporate Paralegal

Juan Diego Garcia


Rhys Diermajer

Investment Manager

Alessandro Dotta

Director, Mining Engineering

Sophie Drake

Deputy General Counsel, Asia Pacific

Helen Drake

Staff Accountant

Philip du Toit

Investment Manager

Ashley Espejo

Director of Tax

Christopher Farrell

Director, IR North America

Tony Foley

Global Head of Technology and Infrastructure

Simon Ford

Senior Director, Metallurgy & Processing

Anna Gallagher


Anna Gallagher RCF

Anne Garbutt

Senior Accountant

Charles Gillies

Managing Director and Chair of Innovation Investment Committees

Charles Gillies RCF Jolimont

Rafael Gradim

Director, Geology

Rob Gray

Chief Commodity Strategist

Claudia Hackethal

Senior Human Resources Generalist

Breanna Halbur

Executive Assistant

David Halkyard

Partner, Head of Credit

Mason Hills

Partner, General Counsel

Julian Jackson


Adam Jensen

Senior Systems Administrator

Andrew Jessett

Head of Innovation

Dani Jeyes

Investment Manager

Jessica Jones

Director, ESG

Jani Kalla

Director, Geology

Hayleigh Kerr

Office Assistant

Susan Kim

Chief Compliance Officer

Aaron Kirkeide

Senior Accountant

Shari Lamstein

Staff Counsel

Mandy Li


Wes Loyd

Investment Team Leader

Jack Mahon


Amanda Mallec

Office Assistant

Phillip Martin


Mariana Mastandrea

Executive Assistant

Mariana Masandrea RCF

James McClements

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Sarah McDougall


Brendan McGraw

Investor Relations Associate

Lauren McGregor


Serena Menaguale

Director, Investor Relations EMEA

Brianna Miller

Accounting Manager

Elyce Mirco

Paralegal, Executive Assistant

Meghan Mosvick

Assistant Global Controller

Jacqueline Murray

Partner, Head of Fund

Stephanie Origlia

Executive Assistant

Fernanda Pacheco Kaproski

IT Analyst

Elise Pauly

Director, Finance and Accounting

Elise Pauly RCF

Fraser Perry

Senior Associate

Nicole Phillips

Executive Assistant

Raj Prasad

Investment Manager

Raj Prasad RCF Private Equity

Michael Price

Senior Advisor and London Representative

Jonathan Rafalski

Applications Specialist

Jonathan Rafalski RCF

Christina Rayot

Global Head of Human Resources

Antony Rowe

Investment Team Leader

Michael Rowe

Partner, HR Business Director

Michael Rowe RCF

Atusa Sadeghi

VP, North America

Roddrick Sanders

Senior Desktop Administrator

Conner Schmeits


Brian Scott

Investment Manager

Calum Semple

Partner, Head of Technical

Calum Semple RCF

Sunny Shah

Investment Team Leader

Anna Shave

Managing Director, RCF Innovation / Director Investor Relations APAC

Anna Shave RCF

Stephanie Smith

Office Manager

Spencer Snow


Benjamin Stull

Financial Valuation Specialist

Fabiano Tavares

Investment Manager

Kaitlin Tortorici

Fund Controller

Martin Valdes

Partner, Head of Private Equity

Martin Valdes RCF

Michele Valenti

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

michele valenti rcf

Jennifer Vowinkel

Senior Fund Controller

Jaslyn Wee


Hannah Williams

Staff Counsel

Janee Wren

AR/AP Coordinator

Francisca Yoma