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Phibion is addressing the problem of mine tailings by providing Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation to extract and recover water and reduce the capacity required in tailings dams. Phibion thinks globally and acts locally to deliver a tailings management solution that seeks to resolve the issues of today while creating land use opportunities for future generations.

Investment Thesis

  • Phibion provides an effective tailings management solution addressing a major mining ESG concern and ​enables more sustainable mining​ solution in an effort to address important environmental concerns with the aim of enabling more sustainable mining
  • ​The Mudmaster® product stabilizes and reduces the volume of tailings dams, delivering environmental, safety, and cost benefits​
  • Newly developed autonomous technology will assist in global deployment and operations of Phibion machines

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RCF Innovation II comprises RCF Jolimont Mining Innovation Fund II L.P. and RCF Jolimont Mining Innovation Fund II-A L.P. RCF Innovation I is not a legally established partnership and represents an extracted portfolio of investments of Resource Capital Fund VI L.P. (“RCF VI”) that was managed by the principals of Jolimont Global Mining Systems Pty Ltd before it was acquired by RCFM in September 2019. Two of the three principals currently manage RCF Jolimont Mining Innovation Fund II L.P. (“RCF Innovation II”) in a substantially similar manner to RCF Innovation I. Total portfolio performance results for RCF VI are available upon request. 

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