Anna Shave to Join Resource Capital Fund’s Growing Private Capital Platform

Announcement: Anna Shave Has Joined the Team

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Resource Capital Funds (RCF) is pleased to announce that Anna Shave has joined its team as it builds on its continued momentum as a global investor at the forefront of alternative mining investment.

Anna will hold a dual role with RCF including Managing Director in the Private Equity Innovation investment team, as well as supporting the broader RCF platform as the Director for Investor Relations across Asia Pacific.

Ms. Shave is also currently a Non-Executive Director with the Australian Investment Council, the peak membership body for private capital in Australia where many of Australia’s top private equity investors and superannuation funds advocate for the benefits of private capital supporting businesses to evolve and transform. This is true particularly for those in an enviable position to innovate and support global population growth, continued urbanization, and opportunities that arise as part of the energy transition.

Most recently Ms. Shave worked as part of the management team at an Australasian alternatives fund manager; in various roles with iron-ore miner Fortescue Ltd; and in New York as an investment banker. Her varied background and expertise in both investing in, advising, and raising capital for, these stakeholder groups place her in a unique position to have a broad understanding of how various private capital classes can support mining companies through their various stages of growth and innovation.

Anna Shave RCF
Anna Shave – Managing Director, RCF Innovation / Director APAC, Investor Relations

RCF has been investing for over two decades working alongside investors and mining firms in an effort to create strong and successful businesses. Our broad experience allows us to comfortably invest across the mining development lifecycle, from exploration to operating assets, as well as the capital structure. As the broader RCF platform grows we will continue to attract global talent in our investment teams and scale in support of our global capital partners who invest with us today and into the future.

– Brett Beatty, Partner, MD Australia, Investment Team Leader

Mining and the resources industry more broadly is an inherently cyclical industry which creates opportunities for investors to strategically position capital to earn through-the-cycle returns. It’s an obvious, but once-in-a-generation opportunity to capitalise on many of the emerging technological advancements which will support some of the world’s largest industrial and mining groups to meet their decarbonization commitments.

Shareholders and capital providers alike continue to demand more efficiencies and value returns – technology is a key pillar to support this. I’m thrilled to be joining the RCF team and platform given their position in the market and look forward to working as part of the team as we work towards the launch of the third vintage for the RCF Innovation strategy.

– Anna Shave, Managing Director, RCF Innovation / Director APAC, Investor Relations

About Resource Capital Funds (RCF)

RCF is a pioneer in the mining-focused alternative investment space partnering with companies to build strong, successful, innovative, and sustainable businesses that strive to produce superior returns to all stakeholders. RCF offers distinct investment strategies across the risk/return spectrum aimed at providing capital throughout the development and capital structure risk spectrum. Mining is an essential global industry for the world today and the world of the future. Everything society needs is either grown or mined. With paradigm shifts in demand driven by decarbonization, emerging middle- income growth, and other global factors, RCF has the investment experience, technical & ESG knowledge, commercial experience, and global networks necessary to invest across all commodity cycles.

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